Keeping it Real estate with Rosanne Nitti Special Guest Josh Meador

Rosanne Nitti of Keller Williams Newport Estates, Keeps it Real with discussions on real estate.  This weeks episode showcases special Guest Josh Meador from Lawyer’s Title.  Josh explains what A Title report is, what a title company does, what is a preliminary report and how important is it to have a “clear title” when buying a home. 


Keeping it Real Estate with Rosanne Nitti – Jon Rowland from United American Mortgage discusses Reverse Mortgages

Keeping it Real Estate with Rosanne Nitti. In Episode #3, Rosanne Nitti’s Guest Jon Rowland from United America Mortgages discusses the Reverse Mortgages. What are they?  How do they work? Pro’s and Con’s. Who benefits?

What’s it take to get your offer accepted when buying a home?

In this crazy market, all CASH investors have been ruling the roost. How do you get your offer accepted if you aren’t a cash buyer? Here’s some tips that MAY help.  Finding a good buyers agents is key and being realistic about the market another factor. If you are an FHA, VA and Conventional buyer,  whether you are upgrading, downsizing or first time homebuyers, there’s a few things you should consider when putting in your offer. #1) Remember you aren’t the only one that LOVES that home, with high demand and low inventory multiple offers are coming in sometimes you are competing with 5 to 10 buyers. #2) Put in your “Highest and Best offer” FIRST! Low balling or thinking you can negotiate may be the “make it or break” if factor in the seller even considering your offer.  This is not a buyers market or a car dealership where you haggle over the price. #3) Have your financial ducks in a row.  Be pre approved or even DU approved BEFORE you put your offer in. It helps the sellers to see that you already have loan approval and can move forward quickly.  Don’t be shopping for a loan or rate AFTER your offer is accepted. The more you have down the better, especially of they want you to remove your appraisal contingency. #4) Write a letter for your buyers agent to include with your offer stating why you love the home and how you feel you will be a good fit for it. Sellers are emotional about their homes and knowing someone is going to love it and care for it is a good way to get your offer in the running. These are good starting points to get your offer noticed.  Remember a GOOD Realtor/Broker will be up front and tell you the facts.  If you need advice, I’m here to help. Rosanne Nitti Broker 949-315-9104Image

Missed Mortgage Payments can attract Scam Proposals!



When natural disaster strikes, you can be certain that two groups will soon be there: the Red Cross — and scam artists. Unfortunately, the same holds for turmoil of all kinds.

Local homeowners who have missed mortgage payments should be aware that, in addition to getting their accounts back on track as soon as possible, they should be prepared to be targeted by unethical operators.

Missed mortgage payments can cause a  homeowner’s name to appear as ‘arrears’ on public tax records: it’s one way unscrupulous characters locate their victims. That can set off an onslaught of solicitations through the phone, mail, and possibly even at the front door! Normally level-headed householders can be misled by the prospect of a quick fix, especially since stress levels can be high. Knowing the telltale signs that a mortgage scam is in the offing can stop it before it gets far.

One indication is any ‘cure’ that requires a large up-front payment to the mediating agent. Likewise, any proposal that involves repayment to anyone other than the lender — no matter how convincing the reasons offered — is not likely to be authentic.

In one devious mortgage scam, the agency tries to convince you to sign over ownership of your property with the promise that you will be able to rent it back in a “lease-to-own” arrangement. That may sound convincing since some banks are experimenting with a similar option. But anyone other than the mortgage holder who proposes that you sign over the property deed or title to them is probably not working in your best interest. Likewise, an agency that seeks your power of attorney should raise another red flag — in this case, the agency could have the power to circumvent your wishes.

If you’ve missed mortgage payments  your first action should always be to talk to a reputable attorney and financial advisor to sort out your available options. If selling your home is one — either by conventional or short sale — it’s my job to help make accomplishing that easier. Don’t hesitate to contact me with your private real estate needs.


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OC Real Estate Listings: New Super-Highway

Remember the days when you didn’t have to rummage furiously through the house to find a ringing phone, because it stayed where it was supposed to be—plugged into the wall? You remember: it used to take less than 10 minutes to check out the TV listings because there weren’t hundreds of channels. And a gallon of gas cost less than a loaf of bread…

Of course, those days are long gone. Unless you want to live on an isolated island somewhere in an underdeveloped country, that’s that.

In the real estate profession, the good ol’ days are gone, too. When I’m helping a client sell his or her home, I make the most of the fact that the super-highway to today’s buyer is no longer the newspaper or snail mail. It’s the Web.

It’s the listings.

The first glimpse potential buyers get to any property is most often found through our local real estate listings. Those attention-grabbing  Orange County real estate listings are the agent and seller’s best chance to attract an in-person visit—with all that follows.

So how do you help your agent ace the Orange County real estate listings? 

As in preparing for any performance: set the stage!

Photographs are your best listings allies, so “stage” the house before photography begins. Professional photographers know that the viewer’s eye will be attracted to any out-of-place detail: a dog bed in a corner, or one window with a blind pulled lower than the others will create a distracting element. What looks okay in real life is much less critical.  

Savvy buyers will peruse real estate listings in the areas they are interested in online before scheduling visits. They save time, effort, and expense—and for those not committed to a specific area, the wealth of information published online about the community helps narrow their search. If you’re looking to sell your house, be sure your listing catches the attention of those serious and educated buyers. They’re the ones who are likely to write an offer.

Ready to set the stage for a successful sale? I’d love to prepare a marketing plan for you this spring!

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